Upcoming Books

This page is all about books Shanilee or I are working on. 

This page will not include “Donation Books” that have not been approved for collaboration.


Where Are Mommy and Daddy? (Donation Book)

-Getting the finishing touches

This book will have the rights donated to the Colorado Veterans Project to raise funds.

The book will be about a family of eagles that are a military family. While Mom and Dad are away, the two children will play a game with their grandparents about where their parents are and what they’re doing. What do the kids think they’re doing? And where are they?


High High Heels

-Being edited


Elly’s Super Secret

-Being illustrated by Shanilee Fields


The Christmas Clock: How Santa Became Santa

-Being illustrated by C. Fulsty


What’s Beyond the Clouds

-Being illustrated by C. Fulsty


Hockey Boy & the Angry Yeti

(Hockey Boy Series)

-No further action yet.