Upcoming Books

This page is all about books Shanilee or I are working on. 

This page will not include “Donation Books” that have not been approved for collaboration.


The Colorado Veterans Project Book (No Title Yet) (Donation Book)

-Being illustrated by Shanilee Fields

This book will have the rights donated to the Colorado Veterans Project to raise more funds for them so they continue to do the great work that they do.

The book will be about a family of eagles that are a military family. While mom and dad are away fighting for the USA, the two children will play a game with their grandparents about where their parents are and what they’re doing. How crazy will their answers get?


High High Heels

-Being edited


Elly’s Super Secret

-Being written


The Christmas Clock: How Santa Became Santa

-Being illustrated (C. Fulsty)


What’s Beyond the Clouds

-Being edited


Hockey Boy & the Angry Yeti

(Hockey Boy Series)

-Being edited