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Secret Game in C. Fulsty Books!

COMING SOON! C. Fulsty Books illustrators, C. Fulsty & Shanilee Fields, will begin hiding book characters in unrelated books. We decided to have more fun illustrating and wanted to give you all something more to make C. Fulsty Books even more fun to read.

I will begin working on a new website page that we will post all of the characters hidden and in which book they are hidden. Otherwise, you can try to find them yourself and check to see if you found them all at a later time.

SECRET: There is currently one C. Fulsty book out right now with a hidden character. Do you know which book it is? Do you know who the character is?

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Should I Redo TOCK THE ROCK?

Tock the Rock, my first book ever. There are several copies floating around somewhere. Should I redo the book though?

I’ve been told by a few people that have read the book, that they liked it. I hated the illustrations because it was my first book, and I thought the story was meh. I made it no longer available because of this. More and more people are asking me to revise it and bring it back. What do you think? A story about a rock that doesn’t want to roll around like other rocks to get smooth and round. The other rocks are trying to get smooth and round so when they get thrown across the pond the skip instead of just sinking. At the end though, they all end up in the same place. Think it’s a good enough story to give another chance to? Care to see what happens to these zany rocks? Let me know!

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C. Fulsty in Hardcover

We are working on a project to get a couple books of ours into hardcover. We have been in talks with Tattered Cover (a Colorado specific bookstore) to carry our books once they are in hardcover. We also have a few libraries who are willing to carry our books once they are in hardcover. The only issue with this project is it can’t start until we get more money to cover the cost for it. Like most people though, we don’t have any money to throw at this. Which puts us in this “fun” position of asking everyone for money. So here we go. is where we would love people to go donate for our cause or at the very least if you could share our GoFundMe we would be extremely appreciative. Maybe you can even check out the benefits of donating?

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One little girl that made me think

About two weeks before Christmas, I stopped by Children’s Hospital’s main campus in Colorado to drop off an illustration I had made. I don’t have much money so I thought donating something that wouldn’t cost me much could bring joy and hopefully a few smiles to the children there.

As soon as I got there and entered the hospital, I noticed how beautiful and amazing it looked. It was so colorful and open. After asking the receptionist where to go, I walked on back to the donation office of the hospital. I only got about 5 steps away from the receptionists desk when I saw a little girl that hit me hard. She was walking through the middle of the hospital entrance. Walking on crutches, with her mom or someone there to assist her in case she falls. The girl had to have been about 12-14 years old, with a bald head, but still had a smile on her face.

Just that one site, made me think about it for hours, days, weeks, and even the last month. That one girl, who’s probably fighting a battle that I will never know how tough it is, made such an impact on me and we never even spoke. I don’t even know that girl’s name, but if my illustration can put a smile on even one child’s face that is fighting a battle like that, it will be worth every minute I spent on it.