Hidden Game

C. Fulsty’s Hidden Character Game

Want to join in on finding C. Fulsty book characters outside of their own books? Follow these easy steps.

  1. Buy as many C. Fulsty books as you can.
  2. Read through them and see if you can spot the characters outside of their own books.
  3. Come back to this page to check if you found them.


Is it time to check your results? Click below to see.


TOCK THE ROCK (Original) has no hidden characters.

Tock was the first C. Fulsty book, so no characters had a chance to hide in the book.




HOW HIGH CAN YOU JUMP has no hidden characters.

It was C. Fulsty’s second book and Tock did not want to hide in this book. He was scared like Hot Air.



Blake Pages_Page_01

BLAKE AND THE TURTLES has no hidden characters.

The turtles didn’t allow anyone to hide in the book.


Cover pic with words FIXED

THE NOT SO BAD CHRISTMAS STOCKING has no hidden characters.

All the characters agreed the book was too cold to hide in.




I WANT TO FLY does have a hidden character!

Try to find Luke the Lizard from the book Blake and the Turtles.



Cover w words final 2

TONY’S BUTTERFLIES does have a hidden character!

Try to find Blue the Balloon from the book How High Can You Jump.



WHERE ARE MOMMY AND DADDY has no hidden characters.

C. Fulsty wanted to let the eagles fly alone for this book.

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