Book Extras

How High Can You Jump?:

How High Can You Jump was created because of all the issues I had to deal with just to become a children’s book author and illustrator. I had lots of doubts, struggles and continuous issues finding an illustrator. I finally decided to take everything on myself instead of relying on other people who were letting me down. I felt Blue related to me and all the obstacles I’ve had to overcome when all I’ve really wanted to do is soar.

Blake and the Turtles:

This was my first written book. I did not illustrate it because I spoke with a good friend at a hockey tournament in Missouri that loved the idea and wanted to contribute to the book to hopefully have a career in illustrating. I believe, to date, this is my strongest book.

The Little Cloud: 

I wanted to try a new way of illustrating my books. I tried watercolor painting the background along with brush tipped markers to create a new illustration that I enjoyed working on. While creating “The Little Cloud,” I re-wrote it twice and re-illustrated it twice because I wanted to make sure it was a book that I could be proud of.

The Not So Bad Stocking:

My favorite holiday is Christmas. I really wanted to create a book for the holidays that children would love to read over and over every year. Shanilee and I also discussed how to make this a great book for any kids that are feeling alone or invisible during the holidays. No child should ever feel that way.