Book Extras

Where Are Mommy And Daddy

The second Donation Book, Where Are Mommy And Daddy was written for all military families and received lots of input from veterans during the writing process. All profits go to the Colorado Veterans Project and the rights also belong to the Colorado Veterans Project.


Tony’s Butterflies

The first Donation Book to be released, Tony’s Butterflies holds an important spot in C. Fulsty’s heart. The book was created in memory of Tony Sly, a singer, songwriter, and frontman for the punk bank No Use For A Name. No Use For A Name is a band C. Fulsty has listened to since high school. Aside from Dr. Seuss, Tony Sly has influenced C. Fulsty’s books with his music and has been a great inspiration to C. Fulsty.

“Working with Tony’s wife and brother, Brigitte and Jon, has been a once in a lifetime opportunity.” ~C. Fulsty

Check out his blog post about the experience to learn more.


I Want To Fly

I Want To Fly was created for the purpose of giving girls another book with a female main character. It was brought to C. Fulsty and Shanilee Fields’ attention that the number of children’s picture books with female main characters were very small. While most of C. Fulsty’s books have gender-less characters, we wanted to make sure one of our books gave girls a main character that never quit and gave them someone to strive to be. Plus, who doesn’t love a pink pterodactyl?


How High Can You Jump?:

How High Can You Jump was created because of all the issues I had to deal with just to become a children’s book author and illustrator. I had lots of doubts, struggles and continuous issues finding an illustrator. I finally decided to take everything on myself instead of relying on other people who were letting me down. I felt Blue related to me and all the obstacles I’ve had to overcome when all I’ve really wanted to do is soar.


Blake and the Turtles:

This was my first written book. I did not illustrate it because I spoke with a good friend at a hockey tournament in Missouri that loved the idea and wanted to contribute to the book to hopefully have a career in illustrating. I believe, to date, this is my strongest book.


The Little Cloud: 

I wanted to try a new way of illustrating my books. I tried watercolor painting the background along with brush tipped markers to create a new illustration that I enjoyed working on. While creating “The Little Cloud,” I re-wrote it twice and re-illustrated it twice because I wanted to make sure it was a book that I could be proud of.


The Not So Bad Stocking:

My favorite holiday is Christmas. I really wanted to create a book for the holidays that children would love to read over and over every year. Shanilee and I also discussed how to make this a great book for any kids that are feeling alone or invisible during the holidays. No child should ever feel that way.

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