C. Fulsty Donation Month

It’s official, but it’s still a little ways away.

C. Fulsty Books has teamed up with CURE Childhood Cancer & Canines for Disabled Kids. For the month of August 2017, C. Fulsty Books will be donating 100% of profits on our four children’s picture books. Blake and the Turtles, The Little Cloud, How High Can You Jump and the Not So Bad Christmas Stocking are the books that when purchased, every penny that is profit will go to charity. The profits will be split evenly with 50% going to CURE Childhood Cancer and 50% going to Canines for Disabled Kids.

If you want to help, go buy a C. Fulsty book and with every purchase you will be donating to both of these great charities.

Thank you again to CURE Childhood Cancer and Canines for Disabled Kids for partnering up with us for this event!

C. Fulsty Books @ Western Welcome Week


WWW Logo

C. Fulsty Books will be running an event tent at Littleton, Colorado‘s 89th annual Western Welcome Week!

I will be sharing a tent with Joseph Caldara, the author of Bob and the Cyber-Llama. My illustrator, Shanilee Fields may even stop by! If you want some autographs, books, just have a chat, be sure to stop on by and say hi to everyone! Remember, all profits will be going to CURE Childhood Cancer and Canines for Disabled Kids as we will be in the middle of our first ever Donation Month.

If you want to stop by, we will be in Downtown Littleton, Colorado on Main Street between Curtice Street and S. Rapp on August 19th from 8am to 5 pm. We all hope to see you there!

GoT Theory: Night King is the Many Faced God

Alright, so I realize I’m a children’s picture book author and this is very far from that. However, I am a Game of Thrones addict. I haven’t read the books and this may not have a lot of proof, but my co-worker and I think we have a brand new theory.

Talking about Game of Thrones, we got on the topic of Valar Morghulis and Valar Dohaeris. Why would a man (Jaqen H’ghar) say “all men must die?” I realize everyone says it, but why? We started talking about “all men must die” comes before “all men must serve.” Does this mean all men die than serve…. the Night King? Jaqen H’ghar says they’re all serving the Many Faced God though. What if the Night King is the Many Faced God? His face before he turned and his face as the Night King? Maybe all the faces of his army?  Is he the Lord of Light? Jon Snow says there is nothing once you die, nothing. So how can the Lord of Light bring him back? The only one I know who can bring people back to life is the Night King. It’s even mentioned, what if the Gods are all the same thing? If they are all the same thing, it’s still burned into my brain what his name is. “There is only one God, and his name is death.” Is death Syrio’s way of telling Arya that the Night King is the only God? I realize this could be waaaaaaay off, but is it? 

Are George R. R. Martin and/or HBO telling us how the show ends? How long have they been telling us? Remember, there is only one God…..  and you know his name.

Cover Reveal Party

On May 6th from 5-8pm (MST) I will be joining Michelle Dennise for her “Cover Reveal Party.” There will be other indie authors all going promotions, giveaways and other fun activities. For example, if the Facebook page “Michelle Dennise – Cover Reveal Party” gets 200 people attending, I will dance during my segment. I will also allow everyone attending to choose the dance I do. The Macarena, the Hokey Pokey, Thriller, the Groot Dance, you choose.

So don’t miss out on any of the fun! Enjoy all the authors that will be there:

Michelle Dennise

Brydie Wright

Sean Browne

Crystal Wenger

Dan Ryan

Joanne Casem

and of course me, C. Fulsty!

Upcoming Blog Interview

Thank you to Rachel and The Book Pound, I will be having my very first blog interview on May 6th. If you’re interested, tune into The Book Pound’s blog on May 6th and check it out!

The Book Pound Blog

I love working with kids

I love working with kids! They don’t judge, they just want to have fun and learn. Some have had tough lives and don’t even understand they have. Some have fought against the worst, and still have a smile. Kids are incredible and I believe they get pushed aside and forgotten because, “they have the rest of their lives for that.” Adults don’t think about a child’s childhood only lasts for a short while, and how many of us wish our childhood lasted longer? Some kids didn’t even get one. 

Next time you see a child, remember that they can grow into inspiration for the world, or another weight to bring it down. 

I hope my work with kids and my books will inspire every child who has a rough childhood, a tough fight, or a regular childhood. I want to help them grow into inspiration. 

Changing the World

C. Fulsty books will change the world. Whether it’s through books, donations, visits, or through a single child.

Every book I’ve written and will write, will have a deep meaning and a lesson to teach each child to help shape the world. Kids need guidance on how to be good people and how to have strength in themselves in order to change the world for a better future. Dr. Seuss inspired me, and I want to inspire another to continue the change.

This is just a quick though I had while editing, “The Man with the Tall Shoes.” However, that book will have a great lesson along these lines, just like every other book I write.

I want to write more

I love writing! I wish I had more time to do so. With work, hockey, being sick here and there, sleep, not much time left over. 

Hoping one day, being an author will be my only job. Besides, I have so many story ideas I’d love to get to, finish, I just love writing! I’ll never stop doing this! 

Just some personal thoughts for today. 

I Don’t Want To Be A Hero

I feel like most, if not all people want to be a hero. They want to save the day, they want to be the person to be in the spotlight having everyone look up to them. Some of those are willing to be the one to make a sacrifice for the greater good (but I think most aren’t that self-less). All these people in the world wanting to wear the cape while it’s blowing in the wind, standing on a mountain top. I’m not one of them.

As much as I want to help people, I don’t like the spotlight. I don’t like attention on me, I don’t like the spotlight. I get too nervous. Just like recently, when I had to give a speech in front of about 30-40 people. Not too many people, but I still immediately got shaky and sweaty (gross). It may be a normal thing, but I don’t like the spotlight.

Instead of being Superman, Spider-man (who’s my favorite), Batman? I want to be the one controlling the spotlight. I want to be the Sun, but why? The Sun doesn’t do anything, it’s just a bright thing in the sky. It’s not a hero or anything important. Are you sure it’s not important? What did Leila and Fry almost throw a box into so they could destroy it? What does every space movie throw something into to destroy it? What gives Superman his powers? I want to be inspiration, I want to inspire a child with one of my books to change the world. I want a child to grow up to be someone who is the hero.

Is this a bad thing? Are there other people who feel this way? I’m not sure if there are, but that doesn’t matter. I’m hoping one day I can get my books off the ground more and get them into more kids hands. Maybe even one of my Donation Books will inspire a kid in a bad situation? Either way, I hope I can do my part to change the world from the terrible state it’s in!

One little girl that made me think

About two weeks before Christmas, I stopped by Children’s Hospital’s main campus in Colorado to drop off an illustration I had made. I don’t have much money so I thought donating something that wouldn’t cost me much could bring joy and hopefully a few smiles to the children there.

As soon as I got there and entered the hospital, I noticed how beautiful and amazing it looked. It was so colorful and open. After asking the receptionist where to go, I walked on back to the donation office of the hospital. I only got about 5 steps away from the receptionists desk when I saw a little girl that hit me hard. She was walking through the middle of the hospital entrance. Walking on crutches, with her mom or someone there to assist her in case she falls. The girl had to have been about 12-14 years old, with a bald head, but still had a smile on her face.

Just that one site, made me think about it for hours, days, weeks, and even the last month. That one girl, who’s probably fighting a battle that I will never know how tough it is, made such an impact on me and we never even spoke. I don’t even know that girl’s name, but if my illustration can put a smile on even one child’s face that is fighting a battle like that, it will be worth every minute I spent on it.