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C. Fulsty
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  1. An indie, self-published author.
  2. An author wanting to get involved with the community.
  3. An author that is an adult, but acts like a child.
Ex. I'm going to read C. Fulsty books.

Ex. C. Fulsty writes fun books.

Hey everyone! Thank you for visiting our website. My name is C. Fulsty and I’m a self published, indie author and illustrator. Indie & self published means that I’m an author who is doing everything solo. Besides the awesome illustrations from my good friend Shanilee, I write, edit, illustrate (some of my books), market, create the books, and even run this website by myself.  I don’t have any money to put into my books aside from the money I make at my day job. I’m a dreamer just like most of you reading this. I’m hoping one day we will get lucky enough to catch a big break and get our name and our books out there to as many parents and children as possible.

Some quick facts about C. Fulsty:

  • I coached 3-10 year olds and taught them how to play roller hockey for over 7 years.
  • I coached 3 roller hockey youth league teams.
  • I coached a competitive youth roller hockey team.
  • I coached a high school roller hockey team.
  • I began writing children’s books because of a conversation I had with a parent from my roller hockey class.
  • I self-taught myself everything with children’s books.
  • I have played hockey (roller and ice) for a total of 18 years.
  • Tony Sly is one of my idols and I was lucky enough to do multiple books in his memory. I listen to his music when I brainstorm new story ideas.

Want to know more? Feel free to email C. Fulsty from the CONTACT US page.

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