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C. Fulsty
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  1. An indie, self-published author.
  2. An author wanting to get involved with the community.
Ex. I'm going to buy C. Fulsty books.

Ex. C. Fulsty writes books with great morals.

Hey everyone! Thank you for visiting our website. My name is C. Fulsty and I’m a self published, indie author and illustrator. Indie & self published means that I’m an author who is doing everything solo. I write, edit, illustrate (some of my books), market, brainstorm, and even run this website by myself.  I don’t have any money to put into my books aside from the money I make at my day job, but I’m a dreamer just like most of you reading this. I’m hoping one day we will get lucky enough to catch a big break and get our name and our books out there to as many parents and children as possible. Until then, I plan to keep creating interesting stories with good morals and some additional stories that I can gift or share with different non-profits and organizations.

Some quick facts about C. Fulsty:

  • I coached 3-10 year olds and taught them how to play roller hockey for over seven years.
  • I coached three roller hockey youth league teams.
  • I coached a competitive youth roller hockey team.
  • I coached a high school roller hockey team.
  • I began writing children’s books without any background or education in the subject.
  • I self-taught myself everything with children’s books after buying a book called “The Everything Guide To Writing Children’s Books” by Luke Wallin and Eva Sage Gordon.
  • I have played hockey (roller and ice) for a total of twenty years.
  • Tony Sly is one of my idols and I was lucky enough to do multiple books in his memory. I listen to his music when I brainstorm new story ideas.

Want to know more? Feel free to email C. Fulsty from the CONTACT US page.

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