C Fulsty


C Fulsty
/sea full-stee/
  1. An author who wants to get kids excited about some new books with some great morals. 
  2. An author who wants to get involved in communities and put smiles on children's faces whether they're in a hospital, school, or library. 
  3. An author that is an adult, but acts like a kid.
Ex. I'm going to read C Fulsty books.

Ex. C Fulsty is a great new author.

C Fulsty is trying to break into the children’s book scene. He is still learning and improving with every book he creates. He currently has three picture books (How High Can You Jump? Tock the Rock, and Blake and the Turtles). Additionally, he has big hopes and dreams like most. Some of which are working with children’s hospital, making enough money to have children’s books be his career and still have enough to give back to the community. 

C Fulsty is always willing to chat with anyone. If you’re interested in chatting with him or helping him turn his dreams into realities, feel free to email him.

Some quick facts about C Fulsty:

  • He coached 3-12 year olds how to play roller hockey for over 7 years
  • He’s coached 3 roller hockey youth league teams
  • He coached a competitive youth roller hockey team
  • He coached a high school roller hockey team
  • He began writing children’s books because of a conversation with a parent
  • He has self-taught and continues to self teach himself everything he knows
  • He has played hockey (roller and ice) for a total of 16 years
  • He loves pizza, and wings, and burgers, and…just really food in general
  • He hates olives and mushrooms
  • He loves working with children
  • He wants to help sick and terminally ill children. Especially by writing a book specifically for them.
  • Dr. Seuss is his favorite author and a goal of his is to be comparable to Dr. Seuss one day
  • He is a Colorado native
  • He looooooves penguins, but who doesn’t?

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