Brought to you by The 6th Clothing Co.

A big thank you to The 6th Clothing Co on designing and creating an awesome selection of some limited time C. Fulsty Books clothing along with a special shirt designed by C. Fulsty and the 6th Clothing to promote ONE TRIBE and #LessEgosMoreRespect!

You can find all of these items in the Drop Collection of The 6th Clothing where C. Fulsty will be a featured artist.

What is “The 6th” and what does it mean?

The 6th Clothing Co is a streetwear brand founded in Denver, CO by Badi Marcel Tolo. Badi has also worked as an Art Director for Kroenke Sports & Entertainment over the past 6+ years and has been with the company nearly 10 years. He has worked on graphics and directed a team of designers over these years for the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, Colorado Mammoth and Colorado Rapids. He loves sports, music, creating and collaborating. In 2018 he founded this brand in an effort to share his vision and give back to the city he loves. He’s collaborated with or donated to nearly 20 different nonprofits/causes and counting. The 6th represents the “6th Man/Woman” role in sports and he likes to think of it as a mentality. An ultimate belief in yourself, but a willingness to sacrifice for the team. Individually, I AM “The 6th”, but as one team, together, WE ARE “One Tribe”. When you #repthe6th, we can Do More, Be More and Give More.

Want to represent The 6th? Click below to check out some clothing and be sure to give Badi a like on social media by following The 6th Clothing .

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