Red or Blue Box?

Red or Blue Box?

Written and illustrated by C. Fulsty

Pirate Squid has a question for all.

He wants to ask the big and the small.

He has a box, is it red or blue?

Which color is wrong, and which is true?

He starts by asking a passing fish.

Fish says, “I heard the box is blue-ish.”

Suddenly, Miss Eel swims on by.

“I heard that box is red, don’t ask me why.”

Seahorse joins in and puffs his chest out.

“That box is red without a doubt.”

Great White Shark chimes right in.

“You’re all wrong, it’s blue.” He says with a grin.

All the sea creatures argue a lot.

Which of them are wrong and which are not?

Stingray hears the noise and floats on past.

There’s a question that no one has asked.

Stingray asks Squid, “Where is this box?”

Squid replies, “It’s over by the rocks.”

They swim over to check the box out.

It’s not red or blue without a doubt.

The box is brown with a strong lock.

Maybe they can open it with a big rock?

“I wanted to know whose box it is.

I’m not good with colors, so I started this quiz.”

Stingray and Squid hit the lock with a rock.

When it opens they are both in shock.

Shiny things fill up the treasure chest.

Remember, it’s ok to stand out from the rest.

Published by C. Fulsty Books

I'm an emerging children's book author and illustrator. I love to better my books and illustrations every day and with every new book. I welcome anyone to message me to discuss anything from books, to visits, to sports, to anything.

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