I Don’t Want To Be A Hero

I feel like most, if not all people want to be a hero. They want to save the day, they want to be the person to be in the spotlight having everyone look up to them. Some of those are willing to be the one to make a sacrifice for the greater good (but I think most aren’t that self-less). All these people in the world wanting to wear the cape while it’s blowing in the wind, standing on a mountain top. I’m not one of them.

As much as I want to help people, I don’t like the spotlight. I don’t like attention on me, I don’t like the spotlight. I get too nervous. Just like recently, when I had to give a speech in front of about 30-40 people. Not too many people, but I still immediately got shaky and sweaty (gross). It may be a normal thing, but I don’t like the spotlight.

Instead of being Superman, Spider-man (who’s my favorite), Batman? I want to be the one controlling the spotlight. I want to be the Sun, but why? The Sun doesn’t do anything, it’s just a bright thing in the sky. It’s not a hero or anything important. Are you sure it’s not important? What did Leila and Fry almost throw a box into so they could destroy it? What does every space movie throw something into to destroy it? What gives Superman his powers? I want to be inspiration, I want to inspire a child with one of my books to change the world. I want a child to grow up to be someone who is the hero.

Is this a bad thing? Are there other people who feel this way? I’m not sure if there are, but that doesn’t matter. I’m hoping one day I can get my books off the ground more and get them into more kids hands. Maybe even one of my Donation Books will inspire a kid in a bad situation? Either way, I hope I can do my part to change the world from the terrible state it’s in!


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