My First Rant

Sorry this doesn’t have anything to do with children’s books but this has been on my mind all morning. I just can’t help but think that all our society does, and well most of us do, is idolize celebrities because they’re just so “perfect.” No one is perfect and we need to start remembering that.

Media, magazines, newspapers, tv, all of them all put celebrities on such a high pedestal saying that they’re perfect and that everyone should idolize them. We all do as they say and idolize them, copy them, care for them, basically just do exactly what they want or say. We know more about their personal lives than our own. Why though? Why do we know that they have 3 dogs (named Cocoa, Tuscan and Caramel), live in California in a 6 bedroom 9 1/2 bath mansion with two swimming pools and own 5 cars that are combined worth 12 times more than any house I’ll ever be able to afford. We know all of this, but yet all we know about ourselves is that we love certain celebrities, watch certain shows, and aren’t happy.

Celebrities have flaws, just like you, me, and every celebrity out there. They cover them up though with money, possessions, and anything else they can. since celebrities do it, why not everyone else? You harm yourself? Cover it up with smiles and clothing. You have serve depression? Cover it up with a smile and eating food that you think makes you happy. You’re fat? Cover it up with loose clothes and joking about your weight. You don’t know how to cover up your flaws, make jokes about someone else’s flaws that you notice. How about we try something else, own your flaws. Be your flaws, don’t worry about what others think because they have flaws too. Not everyone may have the same flaws, but seriously, who cares. A flaw is still a flaw. Whether you have 3 small flaws or 1 huge flaw, you still all have flaws. Celebrities to the CEO’s of media outlets, to your boss, to your child, to you, to a homeless man.

I was told literally my entire youth, “treat others the way you want to be treated.” When did that turn into hurting everyone to feel better? I want respect so I show respect. I want to help as many people as I can because I would want someone to help me if I needed it. I’m always blown away when I see one of these stories or videos on Facebook or Twitter that show a human caring for another human. Then I see comments saying some rude, disgusting, immature comment of someone trying to be funny when it’s easy to tell that they just can’t deal with kindness and caring. That is a flaw, someone who can’t deal with kindness or caring has had issues with receiving it themselves.

Another random thing, which I’m pretty sure some of this rant may be jumping all over the place or just not formatted correctly. I don’t like seeing all of these issues with white vs. black, old vs. young, poor vs. rich, atheist vs. christian. WHO CARES! You’re a person, you could be a black, rich, christian or a white, rich christian or a poor, black, atheist or a white, poor, christian. Guess what, all of those people have flaws. Maybe they’re rich because they cared more about themselves than anyone else? Maybe they’re poor because they have a mental issue? They have flaws. I would accept any of them, and I would hope they would accept me. No more fighting, it’s tiresome. I have black friends, white friends, atheist friends, christian friends, poor friends, not really rich friends but eh, that’s fine.

Be happy, promote happiness, support each other, stop judging. Each thing I’ve brought up in this rant is just a piece to everyone’s puzzle. If you don’t like one, or two, or three pieces of someone’s puzzle, remember they have a thousand more pieces to focus on. Even the bent, half ripped, or maybe even missing pieces are still a part of their puzzle. Help them finish it.


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