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Where Are Mommy and Daddy?

A Donation Book written and illustrated for the Colorado Veterans Project, Where Are Mommy And Daddy was made to give back to veterans that have served our country.

Where Are Mommy And Daddy is a book for any child with a parent or parents in the military. Grammy and Grampy are watching over the little eagles while their parents are off protecting the USA. Grammy and Grampy play a guessing game with Nikky and Mickey while they wait for Mommy and Daddy to come home. Where are Mommy and Daddy? What are Mommy and Daddy doing? When will Mommy and Daddy be home? The kids take a guess on each question Grammy and Grampy ask. The last question ends with a giant gift, but what’s inside?

Tony’s Butterflies

“I don’t even think a book could say enough for you.” The Tony Sly Music Foundation For Kids is a registered 501(c) organization that helps to support music education through projects dedicated in his honor. All profits for Tony’s Butterflies will go to the Tony Sly Music Foundation For Kids. This book is dedicated to the late singer, songwriter, and front man to the punk rock band No Use For A Name, Tony Sly.

Tony’s Butterflies is a story about two daughters playing hide-and-seek with their dad until one day Tony Fly can’t be found. Fiona and Keira search everywhere, but it seems that Tony is gone. Or is he? The book takes inspiration from songs written by Tony like “For Fiona” and “Keira.” A great book with bright colors that will be fun for every family. WARNING: This book may cause tears.

Tony Fly Tames The Sky

Another book dedicated to Tony Sly, the frontman, lead singer and songwriter for punk band, No Use For A Name. The profits from this book will all go to the Tony Sly Music Foundation For Kids.

Tony Fly Tames The Sky begins where Tony’s Butterflies left off. The story about what Tony Fly is doing on the other side of the clouds. From a lightning frog to a punk penguin, Tony makes the skies a better place with his music and his lyrics. More of Tony’s words and more feelings. This book may cause more tears. Read at your own risk.

How High Can You Jump?

Three friends love to play a game called Jumpers. What happens when one of the friends, Blue, decides he doesn’t like coming in second anymore and he wants to be first? Blue tells Sunflower that he’s going to win by jumping all the way to the moon. What about Hot Air, the third friend? Well, he’s too busy being scared. Does Blue make it to the moon? Does he win? Does Hot Air get over being scared?

Blake and the Turtles

Blake and the Turtles is a story about a very kind snake who wants to make friends. One day, Blake runs into 3 turtles that don’t seem too interested in making friends with him. Blake decides to try to be like the turtles to become their friend. Does it work? Which of the turtles has a secret?

Tock The Rock

Follow a group of rocks that are scared of being thrown into the water. They all decide they can skip over the water if they make themselves round, all of them except Tock. Tock is meant to be pointy and he won’t change that. Will Tock stay pointy? Will the other rocks skip over the water? Who’s throwing them into the water? Read this colorful book and find out, then go color your own Tock the Rock.

The Not So Bad Christmas Stocking

Everyone loves Christmas, even Stocking. He’s starting not to love it though.
Stocking belongs to a naughty child who gets in trouble all year long, and when Christmas comes around Stocking is the one who gets filled with coal. Stocking doesn’t think it’s fair, but tries to stay positive every year. What will happen to Stocking? Will the boy ever be punished? Does Santa know about this?

I Want To Fly

I Want To Fly is about a pterodactyl named Terrie that just hatched. All she wants to do after she hatches, is fly like her whole family. Terrie doesn’t know how to fly, so she tries to teach herself how to fly. Fall after fall, she just can’t seem to fly. Does Terrie ever learn to fly? Wait, does she? I actually don’t know. Time to read this book and find out!

The Little Cloud

The Little Cloud is about a cloud named Strato who wants to be as big as his cloud brothers. To grow, Strato needs to get rays from the sun, but he’s too small to get any. Strato tries a number of different ways to get attention, but it doesn’t work. How will Strato become big like his brothers? Will Strato become big?

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